Praized Launches ‘Distributed’ Local Platform

Simply put Praized is both a destination site (they call it a “hub“) and a malleable “distributed” platform that enables users of participating sites to create lists of local favorites. It immediately made me think of Eurekster in certain respects. There’s a bit of Yelp, Loladex and AgendiZe thrown in too. That’s not to say Praized is imitating these sites. Rather it’s trying to accomplish things that each of these sites in its own way is also seeking to accomplish.

All the “local conversations” (rated local businesses and comments) are aggregated and presented on the “hub,” where you can search for things as you would on any destination:

But CEO Harry Wakefield expects the real action to be on blogs and other sites (including Facebook) where publishers and their communities are building the favorites lists:

As the release points out (this is the Eurekster-like part): “a Praized installation on a vegan blog will have completely different restaurant recommendations than on a meat-lovers’ blog because the two groups have fundamentally different tastes.”

The underlying data are provided in the US by Localeze and in Canada by Yellow Pages Group. The founders of Praized, including Wakefield and Sebastien Provencher, are veterans of Yellow Pages Group. While Praized’s ambitions and vision extend well beyond the yellow pages industry, they also seek to help gain distribution for publishers like YPG or YellowBook, with which Praized has a deal. Traffic will be driven back, for example, to YellowBook’s site if users click on individual business listings on blogs or third party sites looking for profile details and more information.

If Praized catches on what it ultimately does is potentially turn any blog or publisher site into a local search destination, with a free database of local content and ratings of local businesses (to the extent the community participates). There’s a big “if” there but it’s all pretty interesting and dramatic.

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  2. Olivier Says:

    The group shouldn’t be the community. For example, both vegans and meat lovers can attend the same conference. Communities should be able to create new groups (sometimes the group would be the community, as a blog dedicated to vegans) or reuse and augment existing ones: a blog about a conference would include vegan category, meat lover category, etc.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    Perhaps a good suggestion. All the groups will be presumably mashed up in a sense on the Praized “hub” site.

  4. Bob C Says:

    Am taking a look at the Praized API. Hopefully will have more to say about it in a few weeks. Seems promising.

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