SpotMixer Rises with Google Distribution

SpotMixer is one of several self-service video ad creation platforms (my original post here). Mixpo and Jivox are competitors. But so are Spot Runner, Spotzer and TurnHere (among others), which offer professionally created video ad content.

In online video (like other segments) there are the proverbial “three legs of the stool”: ad sales, ad creation and distribution. Sales and ad creation are connected, because most ad sales in the SMB sector are “push” sales. As with other self-service platforms the question with video is: how much of the SMB market will step up and participate? I believe the rough figure is about 10% to 15% in the medium term. If I’m correct and this plays out, those numbers are potentially significant, up to two or so million businesses. And there are potentially billions of ad dollars here (more than PPC products).

But then distribution is another issue, and especially important if we’re talking about performance-based video ads (streams, clicks, etc.). Several of the companies mentioned have or are building out distribution of varying levels of quality. For example, is it meaningful to have your video ad on YouTube? Sure there’s lots of traffic but probably not the right audience and behavior. (However see this suggestion about “Video Pages” on YouTube.)

SpotMixer, for its part, has just added Google AdWords and TV distribution to its platform’s capabilities. Here’s a screenshot provided by the company:

SpotMixer Google Distribution

Google Distribution detail

The integration into AdWords is significant — others will probably follow suit — because of the targeted nature of the views there (as opposed to YouTube). But the integration with Google TV Ads is also significant because it extends the value of online video ads into cable TV (putting some heat on Spot Runner). And, as previously discussed, there’s considerable potential SEO value to video in a blended search universe.

Still, the challenge is awareness and education: getting SMBs to take notice and understand the implications and potential.

Here’s more from the press release that went out this morning:

SpotMixer provides businesses a solution to create and distribute their TV and video ads. They can either go directly to to create a new ad, or, if they prefer, they can submit a bid request from Google’s TV Ad Creation Marketplace for additional assistance. Then they log on to their Google AdWords account and select Google TV Ads ( and determine when and where they want their ad distributed.

To stretch their ad budgets further, customers can use SpotMixer to re-purpose components from radio or online video ads they’ve already created to use in their television spots. For example, they can incorporate the audio from a radio ad they previously created, and simply add video, photos and text. Of the SpotMixer customers who have created television ads, all of them have used existing assets from other ads, and a majority have used previously created radio ads as the voice-over component. SpotMixer‘s easy-to-use tools guide users through the entire process, eliminating the need to re-do creative they already own and like. The average television ad takes less than 30 minutes to create from start to finish. And, businesses can “try before they buy,” since SpotMixer offers them unlimited free ad creation on the SpotMixer site.

2 Responses to “SpotMixer Rises with Google Distribution”

  1. Gregg Thaler Says:

    Video is a terrific local online marketing tool. All the vendors seem to offer good products.
    The challenge is and will continue to be self provisioning. The early adopters, who comprise the smallest segment of the target market, will as always, be early adopters.
    Crossing the chasm, so to speak, to mass market acceptance will require the participation of an SMB new media “broker” of some sort.
    Traditionally, SMB’s do not buy advertising, it is sold to them.
    Google tried to build out a channel through Intuit and
    Valid logic…co-opt these companies’ trusted relationship with their SMB clients.
    A lot of announcements about the partnerships, not a peep about the success. Or, I suspect, lack thereof.
    I believe that Spotmixer’s most likely sales channel success will be through its partnership with, superpages, citysearch, etc.
    They should seek (and likely already have sought) to have their partners’ telesales and “feet on the street” sales teams add their video ad solutions to their bag of tricks.

  2. Jeff Seymour Says:

    At Fave, we feel that what holds most SMBs back in video is the distinct lack of distribution options. As your article correctly points out, YouTube is usually not an effective outlet, TV is still expensive even if video production cost is eliminated, and AdWords is still AdWords- difficult to manage for many and costly in many categories. Email solutions are often wasteful, and that leaves the business’ minimally trafficked web site as a last resort. is a new concept in local search that is built for local search video distribution. The site currently features over 1200 local business videos and we add more each week. Businesses pay a monthly subscription fee and all video views are highly targeted and relevant, never shown until the user requests the content. I would invite all those interested in local video platforms to check it out at

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