Geotargeted ‘Clear’ Ad Made Me Click

I was on the AppleInsider site (now that I’m an Apple user) and I saw the following ad for the airport line expediter Clear:

The “OAK” (Oakland) caught my eye and caused me to click. (No doubt the location awareness was based on IP targeting.)

Disappointingly, the landing page was just the site and not geotargeted or otherwise locally tailored. But it’s an anecdotal illustration of how, at a general level, geotargeted ads perform better than generic/national ads. I would have been less likely to click had the local component not been there.

And here’s another tepidly geotargeted campaign from T-Mobile:

Clicking the banner leads to this landing page, where you can watch the TV commercials or “check your coverage.”

The latter in turn sends you to the regular T-Mobile site. How much more effective it would be if the landing page above is a 3D version of the major metro where or near where I live, rather than this more generic city image. Though baby steps, these ads start to get at the power of real geographic customization.


3 Responses to “Geotargeted ‘Clear’ Ad Made Me Click”

  1. Dave Oremland Says:


    Very nice insights. If I were a brand marketer for a national product and reading your blog, I think I’d give local geo marketing a trial and run a landing page with opportunities to buy that product throughout the region.

    What a worthwhile experiment that would be versus the generic product brands that don’t move people to a real brick and mortar in their neighborhood.


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  3. ian Says:

    I like CLEAR. While I hate companies that profit from terror (homeland security), it’s damn satisfying to have somebody escort me to the front of the line, put my bag on the conveyor belt and say “have a nice day.” No, not really relevant to Greg’s post…

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