Google, Live Search Maps and Israel

At a dinner with friends on Thursday night a couple of people were arguing about the relationship and distance between two towns in Israel (Haifa and Sefat). I pulled out my laptop and went to Google Maps to settle the dispute. But here’s what showed up:

Google Maps Israel

I then when to Live Maps and found this:

Live Maps Israel

And with this level of detail we were able to settle the argument:

Detail Israel Map

I knew there had been security issues and concerns about mapping Israel, but I was surprised to see basic geographic detail missing on Google Maps.

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  1. Steve Lombardi Says:

    Hi Greg – with Live Maps you can also calculate the distance by getting intercity driving directions or using the drawing tools. When you draw a line or shape, Live Maps shows you its distance or area/perimeter. details here:!2BBC66E99FDCDB98!19406.entry

    Steve Lombardi
    Virtual Earth Program Manager
    stevelom a microsoft d com

  2. Hanan Lifshitz Says:

    Greg, this is indeed frustrating – for a country that has so many technology companies in the local / mobile space, you would expect Google (that also has a large R&D center in Israel) would provide better service in Israel.

    BTW, I use which is almost comparable with Google Maps’ service in the US.


  3. Karl Says:

    google maps used to have great coverage in israel – but its either something to do with security / political / business deals going on behind the scenes that have caused them to turn off all maps of Israel.

  4. Dorit Casarotti Says:

    Some time ago I wrote to Google regarding the fact that Jerusalem does not appear in their Middle East map. No acknowledgement received, of course. Since then I check to see whether a miracle happened and only today I found the “Live Maps”. Does it mean that the other is a “Dead Map”? It is likely that political and economical reasons are the answer.
    In “Masa acher” , an Israeli site, you can not find Jerusalem either! They sure copied the maps from Google. Unbelievable eh?

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