GPS and Triangulation in Laptops

One of the developments that may boost location on the Internet is GPS and other location aware technologies in the computer itself. Dell is integrating Sprint EVDO into its laptops, with GPS. Laptops are outselling bulkier desktop PCs and that trend will only increase.

Skyhook Wireless just announced a “hybrid positioning system” that uses GPS, cell tower and WiFi triangulation in mobile handsets to complement and compensate for the deficiencies of one another. Those combined technologies will probably equally make their way into laptop hardware eventually. Skyhook has also been working on trying to get location into the browser, something that Mozilla is interested in for future versions of Firefox.

The challenge of the hardware/EVDO solution is that the information needs to be conveyed to the publisher or the browser or ad server to take advantage of it. How that might happen is beyond my technical understanding, but I’m sure it could happen.

The point here is that there are an increasing numbers of ways that location will be disambiguated, accordingly.


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  1. GPS Girl Says:

    GPS technology has truly proven its worth for this generation. I’m totally not surprised with all the cabalities and on-going upgrades. In no time, GPS device will be a staple for all travellers.

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