Among the ‘Top 50’ Many Local Sites

Here are the top 50 US properties for May, according to comScore:

Top 50 Sites March US

Let’s count the local or locally oriented sites and networks:

  1. Weather Channel
  2. Craiglsist
  3. Wal-Mart (offline buying)
  4. Superpages
  5. Target (offline buying)
  7. Bank of America (your call here because much of this is online banking)
  8. Gannett
  9. Scripps
  10. Hearst (partly because of newspapers)
  11. WorldNow (TV affiliate sites in local markets)
  12. Cox (mostly local)

By my count that’s just over 303 million uniques seeking local content or information. Obviously the traffic on these sites is overlapping. But I haven’t counted any local traffic on search engines and portals.

Then there’s this statement from Yahoo!’s Hilary Schneider:

Out of the 130 million monthly unique users of Yahoo last year, “116 million of them came to Yahoo with local intent.”

Then there are sites like Yelp (8 million) or Trula (5 million) or (6 million) and numerous others, including the 66 million uniques at newspaper sites (I don’t count the NY Times as local, although there’s local information there).

What we might call “The Local Internet” is thus driving huge volumes of traffic and offline purchases.


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  3. B. Chandra Says:

    Nice breakdown Greg. I would argue that facebook is disputably local as well, given that there are three overarching kinds of sub-networks: high-school, college, and city. It has broadened beyond its initial scope, however it continues to apply this principle throughout that you have visibility into your ‘local’ network- its profiles, and groups.

  4. Greg Sterling Says:

    Right. Facebook is a sight with considerable untapped local potential too.

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  7. Simon Grice Says:

    We’re hosting a workshop on the 18th September in London to bring together the ‘hyperlocal/local 2.0’ crowd…

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