Yes, Video a Hit with SMBs

The Kelsey Group just released a forecast that says SMB online video ads will reach $1.5 billion by 2012. Borrell Associates has said that local video advertising will hit $1.3 billion in 2009. Marketers pick your number.

Regardless, the medium is a compelling one for advertisers and relatively easy, from what I’m hearing, to sell — provided you have a sales channel. Video also has implications for SEO and for conversions on mapping sites.

Among the providers:

  • TurnHere
  • SpotRunner
  • Mixpo
  • SpotMixr
  • Jivox
  • Spotzer
  • Denver Mulitmedia
  • ImageSpan

The list goes on . . .

Video distribution and related video ad networks will be the next frontier. Now that I’ve got my video ad where does it show up? Much like websites, if you build it they won’t necessarily come. A good ad will be basic, but exposure will be even more critical.

Companies like AgendiZe and Mixpo are layering all sorts of capabilities, tracking and response mechanisms on top of video. And beyond SMBs, video offers a potentially powerful opportunity for brands to capture attention and direct consumers to local stores or points of purchase.


3 Responses to “Yes, Video a Hit with SMBs”

  1. SpotMixer Boosts Profile with Distribution « Screenwerk Says:

    […] numbers are potentially significant, up to two or so million businesses. And there are potentially billions of ad dollars here (more than PPC […]

  2. John Sadler Says:

    I like the idea of video response advertising and am looking at the various options available. It can be used for all kinds of applications and opportunities. Let’s go!

  3. Rod Weiss Says:

    Just wondering besides videoware tool firms, who is doing the best job of teaching SMBs with small effective business startup content videos, using low production dollar video with great content to teach best practices to SMBs?

    Any good examples come to mind?

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