Trulia Launches Self-Service Ads

This evening Trulia is introducing “Trulia Pro,” a low-cost self-service advertising option on the Trulia destination site. The site recently launched an ad network; however the new service is not currently part of that program.

Trulia Pro ads can be targeted by city, zip or neighborhood. Pricing is as follows:

Advertisers are also able to market their brands or real estate listings in up to 20 locations (based on zip code, city or neighborhood) by featuring their ads in relevant search results pages. Trulia Pro is available through fixed fee self-service pricing options for $39 per month or $348 for an annual subscription (equivalent to$29/month).

Below is and example of a “Local Spotlight” ad under the PG&E unit:

Trulia Pro display

Trulia CEO Pete Flint assures me these ads are dead simple to create and are almost pre-populated with the content from existing Trulia profiles and related data:

Trulia Pro creation

Trulia rival Zillow has offered its EZ Ads self-service program since January, 2007.

7 Responses to “Trulia Launches Self-Service Ads”

  1. Trulia Launches Trulia Pro; Self Service Real Estate Agent Advertising  »TechAddress Says:

    […] Greg Sterling notes that competitor Zillow has offered self-service ads for 18 months. […]

  2. Andrew Says:

    Once they get more traffic and consumers really start to use Trulia then they will be in better shape to sell these spots.

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    They claim five million uniques; that’s meaningful traffic I would say.

  4. Joseph Says:

    Seems like a Me-Too concept as you suggest, Greg, with Zillow’s EZ Ads. I haven’t heard that EZ Ads have taken off, have you? It’s just a bunch of Vonage ads on Zillow.

    One could conclude that Trulia’s efforts to sell IAB ad units isn’t working and that the monetization from featuring listings and applying AdSense aren’t enough to cover their burn rate, that they are now going to another monetization format.

  5. Greg Sterling Says:

    Don’t have insight into burn rate. But the imperative is clearly to make more money; hence the ad network. Pete Flint previously told me that the company was doing well with AdSense but that’s clearly not a business model.

    As with all self-service ads targeting the SMB market, they’re only going to penetrate so far.

  6. Rudy from Trulia Says:

    Hi all!

    Our banner ads are doing quite well. After listening to many agents and smaller local advertisers, we created Trulia Pro to serve their needs. Thus far, the feedback has been great. All feedback is good as we are constantly listening.

    Social Media Guru at Trulia

  7. estewart6 Says:

    Thanks for the update on Trulia Pro. I’ve been using the website by PropertyMaps and it has been a great help as well. It’s a Google Maps/MLS mashup.

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