Most SMB Ads on Only One Site

Palore’s data reveal something quite interesting (though perhaps intuitive) — that most SMBs are advertising on a single site; some are on two sites:



Draw your own inferences, but this suggests to me:

  • These businesses are being “sold” by a single channel on their site (e.g., Citysearch)
  • SMBs are unsophisticated about consumer behavior in the market

These are not mutually exclusive of course.

Still, a small but meaningful percentage of SMBs are advertising on more than two sites. What the market needs is broad distribution to overcome consumer fragmentation, which is the product now being sold by ReachLocal, Yodle and IYPs, among others. There would appear to be something of a disconnect, however, in this Palore data and those “agency” products that promise broad local distribution across the market.

How do you interpret these data (assuming they’re accurate)?

2 Responses to “Most SMB Ads on Only One Site”

  1. Stan Gauss Says:

    I would make an educated guess that the majority of SMBs are being sold by their local print Yellow Pages provider and they are still under the impression that they don’t have to buy anything else.

    Local media is still trying to figure out the right approach to gain deeper penetration in those SMB categories and even if they do, I am afraid that the ‘Our product is the only product’ mentality could take over.

    Those “agency” products are doing the right thing but can’t get deep enough into the local market to make a big difference and they tend to leave the hyper-local media products out of their mix.

    This data reminds me of the charts that came out when auto dealers started buying the web. Some would buy Others would buy AutoTrader. The successful dealers were those buying multiple products and managing their leads.

    The same will be true for the SMB- Google, Yahoo, IYP and local media are all needed.

  2. ford Says:


    […]Most SMB Ads on Only One Site « Screenwerk[…]…

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