3D Is the Future of Travel Planning

Disney World in Orlando is now available in 3D in Google Earth. Here’s how you can get access to it.

3D Disney

This is the future of online travel planning pure and simple: much more visually rich information about a place presented to the end user to explore. And think about this on the “big screen” in the living room, which is where this will eventually wind up.


3 Responses to “3D Is the Future of Travel Planning”

  1. Tim Cohn Says:

    Very cool.

  2. Roddy the Traveller Says:

    3D is thing which has changed the web world and real world its amazing.

  3. Namtran Says:

    Thx for Knowledge good if we have time get come back visit mE “Travel Blog” http://namtarn.flixya.com 😀

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