Wal-Mart Adds Oodle Classifieds

A little bird told me yesterday that Wal-Mart had launched a free classifieds site, powered by Oodle.

Picture 7

Oodle listings on Wal-Mart Site

It’s basically a frame around the Oodle site. The question immediately arises: Craigslist vs. Kijiji vs. Wal-Mart Classifieds; who will win? It’s probably not a zero-sum game however.

The audience for Craigslist and for Wal-Mart do not, I would imagine, overlap substantially if at all. But this is a nice add for Wal-Mart and a powerful strategic partner for Oodle.

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  1. Shortshire Says:

    I am going to put my money on Craig’s list. Its a well known and has a higher trust value than Walmart. Walmart is simply an aggregator collecting listings so people have to go through that extra step to contact the person. With Craig’s list the information is already there.

  2. MySpace Classifieds from Oodle « Screenwerk Says:

    […] Donato’s blog post says that the Oodle Network now includes 200+ sites. Recently the company added Wal-Mart to that list. Oodle powers classifieds on Facebook, but it’s not the only classifieds […]


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  4. Nick Pogue Says:

    It seems that Wal-Mart’s classifieds site is hosted on a subdomain at Oodle’s web site. Its functionally is identical to the classifieds page found at the main Oodle.com site and provides access to the same listings. The only substantive difference besides the logos is that Wal-Mart’s landing page has advertising. Since everything is managed by Oodle, Wal-Mart clearly didn’t have to invest in technical infrastructure in order to launch this service.

    Nick Pogue
    Free Classifieds

  5. classified Says:


    […]Wal-Mart Adds Oodle Classifieds « Screenwerk[…]…

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