Google Adds RE Search Option to Maps

Google Operating System and others are reporting that Google has added a “real estate” option to a pull-down list of content categories on Maps:

Maps pull-down menu
Real estate search

Display of listings

There’s nothing really new about “real estate search” on Google Maps, other than the pull-down filter on the Maps interface itself perhaps. Google has offered “one box” housing search with listings from Google Base for some time. Here’s the prompt as it appears on Google Search results and the related listings page (with multiple category pull-downs):

Housing maps

Google base RE listings

Sites like Trulia, Zillow, Hotpads, et al. have nothing to fear from this in its current incarnation.


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  1. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    > Sites like Trulia, Zillow, Hotpads, et al. have nothing to fear from this in its current incarnation.

    Emphasis on “current incarnation”. They are inching closer. When your website is primarily a mashup of generally available data (eg MLS listings which anyone of decent size can get from Reology, etc.)) and maps, it’s easy to see Google making inroads as they enhance their own UI to bring it inline with the vertical specialists.

    For basic “find homes for sale” this already is pretty close to sites like Trulia per this example.



    Once Google adds neighborhood info, transaction summaries (heat maps, etc.), then it will get harder still to see the difference. I can’t imagine they wouldn’t given how lucrative this vertical is.

    Granted, sites like Trulia offer other valuable services, like the Q&A stuff, but I wonder what % of their traffic is basic home search as above vs the more in-depth stuff…

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Google could devote energy and time to building a really good real estate “vertical” but it won’t in all likelihood. The question is how close will it get to what some of the others have to siphon off traffic.

  3. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    It’ll be interesting to watch.

    I suspect they will gradually surface/enhance the RE search over the next 12 months. Let’s revisit in 12 months. I predict RE search is a major GMaps feature (cf Find Businesses) and pay-per-view video home tour ads will be popping up all over the maps.

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