Skyhook Promotes Partners Using API

Skyhook logoSkyhook Wireless has made several announcements recently and is today promoting the fact that a wide range of companies are using its API to provide improved location awareness and targeting. Its technology should be added by G, Y!, M and others to their toolbars to automatically detect location (to complement and improve upon IP targeting alone).

Here’s the list of desktop and mobile partners currently using it: Whrrl,, Krillion, Yahoo! Fire Eagle, UpNext and CitySquares.

Once location is “baked into the browser,” a wide range of interesting new ad and content targeting capabilities become possible.


3 Responses to “Skyhook Promotes Partners Using API”

  1. AhmedF Says:

    So I’m confused – if you are using Yahoo’s FireEagle you basically use Skyhook’s features + whatever extra Yahoo knows? If so, why even bother with Skyhook?

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Fire Eagle, as I understand it, is manual — meaning you have to set and change location. Whereas Skyhook detects location if you’ve got the code/toobar.

  3. AhmedF Says:

    I mean as a developer – why bother with Skyhook when FireEagle gives you their info + more?

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