Eye-Fi Uses Skyhook for Auto Photo Geotagging

Eye-Fi, which makes memory cards for digital cameras, has introduced new cards that allow wireless uploading of photos and automatic geotagging, using Skyhook Wireless’ WiFi triangulation technology. The premium card includes WiFi hotspot access for a year.

From the press release:

Eye-Fi Explore allows users to automatically send photos directly from their camera to their PC or Mac, and to one of 25 online photo sharing, printing, social networking, or blogging sites using their home wireless network. Eye-Fi partnered with Skyhook Wireless to provide geotagging capabilities and Wayport to enable hotspot connectivity for the Eye-Fi Explore.

Through a partnership with Skyhook Wireless, the Eye-Fi Explore will allow users to map where their photos were captured with automatic geotagging. The card uses built-in wireless technology to locate nearby Wi-Fi access points when pictures are captured within the Skyhook coverage area. The Eye-Fi service uses this information to encode each photo with geographic locations, and the images arrive on the user’s computer and online sharing account automatically tagged.

The Eye-Fi Explore wireless memory card will also give users the freedom to upload photos while away from home at one of Wayport’s 10,000+ hotspot locations. By simply turning on the camera in a Wayport location, the card will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network and begin uploading photos to the Web and the user’s PC or Mac.

Flickr, Panaramio and other services that overlay images on maps will immediately benefit from this kind of capability. Indeed, cameras so equipped could be used to automatically create databases of place specific images, local business storefronts and so on with comparative ease. Most digital cameras will have WiFi in the next year or two.

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  1. Tim Cohn Says:

    Very cool.

    The less technical work the consumer has to wrestle with the more likely it will adopted and used.

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