Order (Pizza) Online, Deliver Locally

pizza logoCNN profiles the online ordering efforts of the nation’s largest pizza chains:

In the past seven years, Louisville-based Papa John’s International Inc. has made a lot of dough from online ordering — more than $1 billion to be exact.

The nation’s third-largest pizza delivery chain trumpeted the $1 billion milestone Wednesday, noting that its U.S. online sales have been growing at an average clip of more than 50 percent per year. In 2001, the chain’s online sales totaled $20.4 million. Last year, its online sales approached $400 million.

I write about it because “pizza” is the archetypal local search subject. But I also bring it up because this is very much like Circuit City or Wal-Mart’s “buy online, pick up in store” feature. It’s also like online booking for local businesses (e.g., HourTown, ZocDoc, GenBook, Booking Angel). So is this “e-commerce” or local commerce?

It’s a hybrid model that reflects the integration of the Internet with the “real world” and points the way to much more of this sort of thing in the future: online order taking with offline fulfillment.


6 Responses to “Order (Pizza) Online, Deliver Locally”

  1. AhmedF Says:

    Lets not forget Pizza.com just sold for $2.6 million

  2. Greg Sterling Says:


  3. Stan Gauss Says:

    Domino’s Pizza has done something similar plus added this cool “track your pizza” feature that ties in with their 30 minute delivery offer. We were a local pizzeria family until my 2 oldest kids found this feature and now when it is pizza and movie night everyone is screaming Domino’s.

  4. $1 Billion Pizza Orders Says:

    […] John’s passes $1 Billion in Pizza online orders/offline delivery. Greg’s post on Order (Pizza) Online, Deliver Locally and his notes on Circuit City and Wal-Mart’s success with “online ordering and offline […]

  5. luis Says:

    I love Domino’s feature “Track your pizza.” It really makes you feel like it’s on it’s way. Everything is about informing the status of things in real-time.

  6. Ross Hill Says:

    Pizza Hut also do this in Australia – it’s really useful.

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