LA Times and Diversification


At the Kelsey show in Seattle, the LA Times’ Rob Barrett gave an apparently good keynote yesterday. There’s good coverage from Andrew Shotland and Kate Kaye at ClickZ (also coverage on the Kelsey Blog). There was apparent discussion around the evolution of the Times’ thinking about content and user experience, as well as creating new sites and environments for users and advertisers.

This is consistent with some of the themes discussed in this post about newspaper “diversification.” Like the NY Times, the LA Times appears to be building verticals and new look-and-feel sites w/in the main newspaper site. But newspapers need to develop entirely new online properties as well — and many are.

The LA Times saw its daily circulation fall 5.1% over the past six months so the changes are both motivated by vision and necessity. It’s not too late for newspapers to be local search leaders and “go to” sies in their respective markets. In some markets, (e.g., Boston) that’s already the case.

There’s a tough balancing act here: leveraging the brand and related trust but creating new brands and experiences that broaden the uses cases for newspapers.

2 Responses to “LA Times and Diversification”

  1. Scott Says:

    Couldn’t agree more that newspapers need to leverage their brand and reach (both online and off) to create new vertical sites. Each of the major verticals (jobs, autos, careers, general classifieds) have already been lost and the longer newspaper cos wait the more the opportunities fall to new players. At some point, the online and print operations of the paper will get to the point where they don’t have enough reach to promote new properties as effectively and then the newpaper cos will be even more screwed.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Do you think they have that “time is of the essence” POV or are more sanguine about the print product?

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