SpotMixer’s ‘Pre-population’ Strategy

One of the things that I neglected to discuss in my earlier post was something that I didn’t realize was “public” about SpotMixer. The company discussed with me its capability to create prefabricated “videos” for any or all listings out of metadata, stock images and music. (However I didn’t see what one of these looked like.)

This is like the strategy of pre-populating local listings and asking businesses to show up and “claim” them. Similarly SpotMixer is intending to roll this out with a partner (someone you know), which has thousands of SMB relationships. The partner then sends out an email notification: “come see the video we’ve created for you.” This will likely drive a large number of responses with SMBs curious to see what’s there.

It will then probably also drive many to want to customize the videos/slideshows and/or purchase upgrades.

It’s a very interesting approach to generating online video sales. It’s also impressive that these slideshows can be automatically generated.

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  1. Mark Robertson Says:

    Any chance you could pass off their contact information to me as I would be very interested in talking with them about an idea I have as well as a post for

  2. Brett Gardner Says:

    Hi Mark,

    I just saw your comment. If you’d like to talk to us over here at SpotMixer, feel free to email me at brett at Thanks!

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