Mixpo, SpotMixer Join the SMB Video Club

As it turned out I had two conversations with two new SMB-oriented video startups back to back yesterday: SpotMixer and Mixpo. In a way, this is a metaphor for how crowded the segment is becoming. And, in fact, both were impressive to me.


SpotMixer has a spectrum of offerings from slideshows to full video (and several hybrid modes in between) that it hopes to sell to the SMB market largely through partner relationships.

SpotMixer is from One True Media, an online consumer video editing platform, which the company claims is the number one such entity online with millions of users. One True Media co-founder and COO John Love told me that SpotMixer, which is being formally launched tomorrow, emerged from the fact that SMBs were using One True Media to create commercials themselves. He also said that SpotMixer was part of a “bake off” featuring other, undisclosed companies in the segment (at the behest of a company in the directory space) and won.

Love took me through a real-time demo creating a commercial from a combination of video elements and still photographs. All those elements could be reordered via a drag and drop interface. Here are some sample ads that showcase the spectrum of ad types (slideshows to video).

SpotMixer templates

Two of SpotMixer’s senior executives, Brett Gardner and Kathleen Farley, are from Yahoo with backgrounds in marketing and product management.

One the back end the company says it’s able to track “views and clicks from any partner that chooses to use our player for their sites. And, for any end user that embeds our player, we’ll be able to do the same.” The company also has a nascent distribution capability.


Mixpo didn’t offer the same templated approach as SpotMixer but it had a similar, easy-to-use drag and drop editing interface that made it simple to change or customize ad elements on the fly. I spoke with CEO Anupam Gupta, who spent many years at Microsoft prior to Mixpo.

What was also impressive about Mixpo was the quality of the imagery and resolution of the ads I saw. (Here are sample ads.) In addition the back-end tracking and analytics capability is superlative:



We spoke at some length about the possibilities for A-B testing and local versioning. In addition, Mixpo offers an “interact” icon at the top left of ads, which opens menus or forms in the ads and allows for lead capture, potential real-time chat and a range of other valuable and interesting possibilities. All these consumer interactions can be tracked, well beyond the click. This feature appears to be unique to Mixpo in this SMB video ad creation/distribution context.

Mixpo is also announcing a deal with ActiveRain, which says it’s “the nations largest social networking site for real estate professionals.” Accordingly, Mixpo sees itself as a platform that can work in a variety of ways with partners from video creation to distribution. Gupta doesn’t see Mixpo as a direct SMB play and recognizes the need to work with channel partners, hence the ActiveRain deal.

The platform and capabilities here struck me as offering much more sophistication than SMBs in general are capable of utilizing (even through sales channel partners that do much of the work).

Mixpo has raised $6.5 million from Seattle’s Madrona Venture Group, wich also invested in AdReady, a templated display ad-creation platform for SMBs. The irony of the dual investment is that Mixpo is a successor technology and platform to AdReady. Display ads and so-called rich media will be merged with or almost entirely replaced by video in the next couple of years. AdReady will thus be compelled to incorporate video (perhaps from Mixpo) very soon.

We’re in the very earliest stages of video advertising online (forget about the forecasts for now). Online video advertising will penetrate at the national and local level — rest assured.

The SMB video segment now has perhaps 10 or more companies that in one way or another are competing for sales channel partners and SMB advertisers. Mixpo and SpotMixer are both impressive platforms, with some similarities but different strengths. However like the Local SEM segment, which is its paralell in many ways, the SMB video market has room for several winners but not a dozen.

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  1. Mike Orren Says:

    We’re partnered with Mixpo and they’re great to work with. We really like their product a lot.

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  5. Realestatevideo Says:

    Many online video marketers, including your truly, have proven that by carefully selecting keywords to use during the video submission process, top search engine results can be achieved for those keywords within 24 to 48 hours.

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  7. Ridgewood Real Estate Guy Says:

    I am a realtor and a partner in a real estate firm in NJ and we just starting using Mixpo. It’s very user-friendly and gives you the ability to embed links within the video which is a huge bonus. Also, the analytics are great. I also noticed many Active Rain users are posting Mixpo videos.

  8. brian Says:

    This market will be split between video ads on the fly [spotmixer, Aditall] or self service model which VideoCustomizer is offering

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