I’ll Bet You’ve You’ve Never Heard Of. . .

The most interesting company I’ve run across in a very long time I had never heard of — and I’ll bet you haven’t either.

I had lunch the other day with Wayne Reuvers who runs a company called Live Holdings, Inc. It has a number of products/offerings. But the product in question, LiveAdMaker, is a multi-platform tool that manages ad creative and distribution across multiple media: TV, radio, newspapers, out-of-home, online search and display and direct mail (I’m probably leaving a few out).

It’s all about local markets/local distribution.

This is almost exactly what Google is trying to build (and maybe Microsoft): a dashboard (with corresponding infrastructure) that manages advertising across media and to the various consumer distribution points. These guys have had this in the market for several years and are working with agencies and OEMs/brands. The company has a very impressive client list.

I was literally astounded by the platform’s capabilities (I saw a demo over lunch). Reuvers was customizing a TV spot, with localized text/graphics and rearranging segments of the commercial in real-time through the company’s Web-based interface (it’s all hosted).

I also can’t imagine I’d never heard anything about them. This is the “one stop shop” that everyone from Google to Gannett has been talking about but hasn’t yet actually built.


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