Zillow Launches ‘Hot or Not’ for Real Estate

One thing you can say about Zillow — beyond the fact that their Seattle offices are pretty fabulous — is that they’re very clever marketers. I was on the phone with vFlyer today and we were talking about Zillow among other real estate sites and I saw their apparently new “Dueling Digs” feature:

Dueling Digs


Hot or not for real estate

You pick a category and can look at specific rooms in homes. If you play the game, you’re asked to choose between rooms — it’s “hot” or “not” for real estate. In the end it winds up being a version of “homes of the rich and famous,” because the biggest and most lavish rooms typically win.

it’s a fun game and promotes the listings on the site. Methinks it’s also a toe in the water of an eventual home improvement area for the site.


Update and correction: I was alerted to the filters that enable users to choose homes by price and square footage. This allows for more “apples to apples” comparisons with one’s own home and makes it a more useful design-ideas tool.

4 Responses to “Zillow Launches ‘Hot or Not’ for Real Estate”

  1. Spencer Rascoff Says:

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for your post. I’m a huge fan of Dueling Digs. I’m using it to help me plan my current remodel actually.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    It’s a great tool. But I’d like to see smaller rooms too. You probably can’t control that given that it’s going to tend to boost the more “fabulous” rooms to the top.

  3. Spencer Rascoff Says:

    Try using the controls on the leaderboards to select smaller and less expensive homes. See the “sort by” filters on this page, for example: http://www.zillow.com/home-improvement-dueling-digs/kitchen/browse

  4. Greg Sterling Says:

    You know I noticed the tools but they didn’t register. Might want to make them more prominent.

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