America’s ‘Fastest Dying Industries’

GraveI was sent a link this morning to a Forbes story discussing what it considers to be “America’s Fastest Dying Industries.” Print newspapers are there, yellow pages is not.

Here’s the list:

  • bowling alleys
  • music publishing
  • laundry services
  • beer production
  • wired telecoms
  • arcades and entertainment complexes
  • tobacco farming
  • newspaper publishing
  • videotape and dvd rental
  • footwear manufacturing

4 Responses to “America’s ‘Fastest Dying Industries’”

  1. Steve Cissel Says:

    Was waiting for you to drop the punch line:

    ‘Funeral Homes’…..

    Sorry. Couldn’t resist.


  2. Tim Cohn Says:

    Ok… I guess my plans for rolling up the tobacco farming and newspaper industries just went up in flames.

    What are the fastest “living” industries ie., with double digit CAGR?

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    Good question — many Internet companies but I would imagine some interesting surprises would be on such as list as well.

  4. Jeff Tadie Says:

    Bowling?….ironically, I’ve seen two brand new bowling alleys being built in trendy spots, incl DTC/Park Meadows Denver. Massive facilities…guess even bowling needs scale.

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