MSFT Upgrades Live Maps, Yahoo Adds Images

Over at SEL, I post briefly about feature and functionality upgrades at Microsoft Live Maps. Many of the changes are technical but there’s also more high resolution 3D imagery coming as well as much more user-generated content. In particular you can view all Google My Maps content in Live Search Maps.

Liver Search Maps 3D

The full value of the changes are best experienced on a fast connection. As I’ve argued many times in the past (unless or until we have super-fast connections on the desktop, sites like Virtual Earth/Live Search Maps and Google Earth (effectively “metaverses”) will really come into their own on TV screens some time from now.

Here’s more from Steve Lombardi at the Virtual Earth blog.

Related: Yahoo Maps receives a big image upgrade today. Here’s more from my post at SEL.


I discussed yesterday’s traffic and routing upgrades on Live Search Maps at SEL and over at Local Mobile Search.


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