Trulia Integrates StreetView Images

Trulia has, in a first, incorporated Google’s StreetView images and functionality into its site. The benefits of this are immediate and obvious (as I’ve writtten on SEL). There’s already considerable coverage, building on Google’s prior work with StreetView in 40 US metro areas.

Being able to see the surrounding homes, block and streets in an area is a huge and obvious benefit to would-be home buyers. The new capability provides more information and “context” (typically missing from listings) to the buyer doing research online.

Here’s an example from Los Angeles:

LA house 1

LA house 2

LA house 3

Other sites may now try and get this same data from Google, but Trulia says it has a big head start and will continue to build features around the imagery. (I would imagine user-generated images and, eventually, video will come in time.)

There’s more information on the Trulia Blog.


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