Newspapers First to Get ‘AMP’d’ by Yahoo!

Yahoo!’s new ad integrated ad platform, previously called “APEX,” and now apparently being called “AMP,” is slated for debut  in Q3 with Yahoo!’s newspaper partners.

It will create the ability for the newspapers to sell not only their own sites but into Yahoo! and, eventually, other Yahoo! publisher partners as well. Equally, Yahoo! will sell its own advertisers distribution on the various newspaper partner sites. In other words it debuts as a kind of massive local ad network (there are more than 500 newspapers that belong to the consortium). In parallel newspaper-run quadrantOne is attempting something similar on a somewhat less ambitious scale.

AMP positions Yahoo! as a kind of central clearinghouse for ad inventory of all types: rich media and video, search and mobile. It’s extremely ambitious and technically challenging. If it works, it also makes newspapers stronger from an ad sales perspective, giving them much broader reach and access to a range of targeting capabilities they simply didn’t have in the past online.

If the Microsoft deal happens, however, the fate of the platform becomes uncertain given the stated objective to achieve economies of scale with a unified “back end” and ad platform. Microsoft has invested heavily in AdCenter and is unlikely to abandon it in favor of AMP unless the latter is clearly superior.

Here’s more coverage from Search Engine Land, the WSJ, NY Times and AdAge.


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