EveryScape Adds New Cites

The company today announced that it had added San Francisco, CA, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia, PA. Here’s an example from San Francisco, The Sir Francis Drake Hotel:


Everyscape SF outside


Everyscape SF Drake inside

That brings to 15 the number of cities (in the US and abroad) that are EveryScaped.

Obviously this visual information is very useful in investigating the area around a hotel or destination and for checking out the interior to determine whether you’d like to stay there. I would imagine that EveryScape has data that reflect higher response and booking rates for hotels, for example, that show their interiors.

There’s some great tools and capabilities here. But my guess is that the site will need to start syndicating its imagery to third-party local destination sites that already have traffic at some point soon. Making it as a stand-alone local search destination is very tough, especially when ad sales (the inside imagery) rely on distribution for proof of value.


3 Responses to “EveryScape Adds New Cites”

  1. Steve Cissel Says:

    What does a syndication agreement between parties look like ?

    Who pays whom for what and when?

    Is the data (imagery) handed over or is the data delivered on a per query request (dynamically)?



  2. searchenginemarketingvox » Blog Archive » SearchCap: The Day In Search, April 7, 2008 Says:

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  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    I’m speculating about such a deal. Just arguing that as cool as the service is it’s difficult to make a go as a pure destination these days.

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