Hourtown and SEO (+ Time Inventory)

Hourtown, which is one of several emerging online scheduling platforms, is doing something interesting with SEO. Like a markeing firm that promises to distribute SMBs to search engines, Hourtown is also doing that as part of a premium service — but with scheduling/time inventory as a part of the exposure:

HourTown combines Internet advertising with online scheduling to help your business fill your open appointments – with minimal effort.

Every business has open time slots in their appointment book but how do your customers know about them? HourTown Advertising Blasts puts your open time slots on the web and attracts new customers to schedule with your business.



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  1. peter caputa Says:

    Check out BlitzTime. BlitzTime Hours kinda does this for free. Let me know if you want an intro to the founders, Greg.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    Seems like a groups/networking application — similar but positioned very differently.

  3. Sugar Buys BookFresh and FreshGuide « Screenwerk Says:

    […] Hourtown and SEO (+ Time Inventory) […]

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