Yahoo!’s Shine Targets the Ladies

Say that with inflection . . . Modeled on what might be described as the Yahoo! Food formula, the company introduces Shine for women 25 to 54. Like Food there are third-party branded content partnerships but also original content.


Why has Yahoo! done this? To aggregate a critical online audience and directly serve ads to it. (Users who are signed in will undoubtedly see BT ads.) It also provides an opportunity to cross promote other Yahoo properties. What’s also interesting here is the “subordination” of the Yahoo! brand to “Shine.”

A major omission here is Local.


2 Responses to “Yahoo!’s Shine Targets the Ladies”

  1. Shinester Says:

    What’s the omission here with Local? Curious what you have in mind.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    If the analogy here is a magazine then local isn’t quite as important perhaps. But Y is cross promoting other of its services, why not local? 96% of transactions happen locally. Women are looking for local services and local A&E/things to do.

    Plus Y could marry Answers and Local here in very effective ways that it has otherwise not been able to do.

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