Relevant Ads but No Tracking Please

Here’s the paradox: consumers want “relevant ads” but don’t like to be tracked. MediaPost reports on the latest data to capture this:

Nearly three out of four people, or 71%, [in a Truste survey] said they realize that companies track their Web browsing activity for purposes of sending them targeted ads. The majority–57%–said they are not comfortable with the practice, even when their browsing history can’t be linked to their names.

At the same time, 72% of Web users also told researchers they find irrelevant ads “intrusive and annoying,” although one key strategy for displaying relevant ads relies on behavioral targeting, or monitoring where people go online and then determining their interests . . .

I previously wrote about how overzealous BT will bring regulation that effectively hobbles it: The Ad Predicament and the End of Tracking?


3 Responses to “Relevant Ads but No Tracking Please”

  1. David Rodecker Says:

    Thanks for the buzz word Greg! Two people sent this to me; thought I would clarify that RelevantAds DOES provide search placement tracking reports to our clients 😉

  2. Behavioral Targeting Under Fire As ISP Backs Away From Tracking Subscriber Activities | Techno Portal Says:

    […] years ago with Tacoda. It has both increased in popularity and infamy since that time. Consumers prefer more “relevant” ads but they also dislike being tracked. That’s the paradox and […]

  3. BT in the Crosshairs « Screenwerk Says:

    […] Any bill that eventually passes will be a compromise but it will place burdens on Internet advertising that don’t currently exist. Consumers don’t necessarily clearly see the relationships between tracking, cookies and ad relevance. And even though they only want “relevant” ads, they also don’t want to be tracked. […]

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