‘Ten Pack’ Boosts Google Maps Traffic

MapsMike Blumenthal sent me a note this morning about a post showing the introduction of additional local links in Google search results — the so-called “10 pack” — has helped boost Maps traffic. From Mike’s post:

This morning, Heather Hopkins [of Hitwise] has provided me with updated Google Maps traffic figures that confirm a roughly 21% upswing in Map’s traffic over the past 2 months since the official Janaury 23rd introduction of the Local 10 Pack


What this means is that people are in fact clicking through to Maps from Google.com results more frequently. Google’s John Hanke had said they were seeing good results from the change from three links to 10 and this would seem to confirm it.

The original impetus behind the change, according to Google, was the fact that the company discovered though usability testing that many people didn’t understand there was more local information on Google Maps, behind the three links.


Mike has a related post comparing the four major mapping sites and showing the continuing growth of Google Maps and the downward trajectory of MapQuest, using Hitwise data.

2 Responses to “‘Ten Pack’ Boosts Google Maps Traffic”

  1. pittsburgh bartending school Says:

    I think the real question should be exactly what percentage of visits from searches that generate a map within organic search go downstream into Google maps and what percentage don’t.

    On its own basis, 0.14% isn’t much. On the other hand if 20-40% of organic searchers go downstream into maps…that is significant…and if only 5% went downstream into maps before and now 25% percent go downstream into maps…that shows significant changes.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    It’s not clear to me what the precise number is.

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