New comScore IYP Data

Here’s the new data from comScore:

comscore 2

comscore 1

These traffic data don’t capture local search on the main search engines, which is where much of the local query volume is.


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  2. Matt McGee Says:

    Greg – what all is included in “Yahoo sites” and “Google sites” in the first chart? Are they counting each local/maps vertical site?

  3. Greg Sterling Says:


    My memory is that that the count Google Maps and Y Local (although may be included in the yahoo numbers). Local searches on and are not counted in this particular report.

  4. pm98345 Says:

    It’s most useful when comscore blends the results as they did in 2006 , so one can see the entire local landscape broken down… I guess that one is tougher to sell. Google and Yahoo were virtually tied at that time. It would be interesting to see that view again.

  5. Greg Sterling Says:

    I agree, it’s more useful to see everything in context.

  6. Chris Silver Smith Says:

    I wonder of comScore was including some mobile data in this data? Particularly for Google and Yahoo…

  7. Greg Sterling Says:

    I don’t think there’s any mobile data in here at all, unless they can’t determine the source of the queries, which would be surprising. There’s only one source (iPhone/Safari) that’s doing any volume in mobile right now.

  8. Tim Cohn Says:

    Based on this data, It looks like with Microsoft’s acquisition of Yahoo, Microhoo would become the market leader in Internet Yellow Pages market besting both and with a 22.7% market share.

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