Local Guides Becomes Guidespot

GuidespotLocal Matters’ Local Guides, which I wrote about awhile ago here, has rebranded and been redesigned. It’s now Guidespot.

I haven’t been through the site carefully enough to note all the changes. But CEO Perry Evans’ efforts to combine verticals, local and social media is noteworthy, interesting and different.

Over time the site could evolve into something very interesting and valuable. Take for example, Man’s Best Friend- A guide to hanging with your pal in Denver or Commuter Bike Shopping in Denver. This combination of lists and location is really only otherwise found on Google Maps’ My Maps.

4 Responses to “Local Guides Becomes Guidespot”

  1. evans ink » Blog Archive » guide spotting Says:

    […] our new 3-week old beta of GuideSpot.com in his blog yesterday, with an appreciated nod “Over time the site could evolve into something very interesting and valuable.” At Local Matters, we certainly would agree. Here’s a little more on the site, and how […]

  2. Perry Says:

    Thanks Greg, I appreciate the mention/nod. Plus, you finally forced me to get that blog post done that I’ve been planning! We’ll catch up soon. No, really 😉

  3. Local Internet Marketing Says:

    How is this different from AssociatedContent, CitySearch and if you remember back to to Web 1.0 era Sidewalk.com — other than being user generated?

  4. Greg Sterling Says:

    On a conceptual level perhaps not different. The flexible list feature is interesting, transcending individual business ratings or even categories. It’s not clear whether it will succeed as a destination but I like the flexible approach.

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