SES Panel: Why Local Is Different

Here’s the rundown on the panel . . .

Moderator: Ian White, CEO, Urban Mapping; speakers:

  • Gib Olander, Director of Business Development, Localeze
  • Benu Aggarwal, Founder & President, Milestone Internet Marketing
  • Chad Schott, Vice President, Business Development, Marchex, Inc.
  • Vik Advani, Co-founder & CTO,

From the looks of the write up . . . no revelations, mostly evangelism and some tactics. When will people learn . . . LOCAL IS THE INTERNET. The Internet is not a transactions platform (mostly); it’s a marketing platform that drives offline (read: local) transactions:

  • 89% of consumers making in-store purchases in key categories have conducted online research prior to purchase
  • Yahoo study: 88% of sales revenue generated from online advertising budgets of retailers in study came from in-store purchases
  • comScore: 92% of Internet/search influenced consumer electronics purchases happen in local stores
  • TMP: 82% of the people using local search sites followed up with offline action (in-store visit, phone call)

Source: BIGResearch, Yahoo-comScore (2006-2007), TMP Directional Marketing (2007)

3 Responses to “SES Panel: Why Local Is Different”

  1. Neil Street Says:

    I just have to throw in a concept I’ve never seen written up — how about when it all works the other way round? Twice recently, I have been out shopping, locally, for products. Once for a down jacket, once for a specific pair of sneakers. I found the jacket I wanted, but not the size I needed. I found the right store for the sneakers, but they were “out.” Can you guess what I did? Well, in the first case, I came home and ordered the jacket online. In the second instance, believe it or not, the store went online for me and ordered the sneakers, and had them shipped to my house. I can’ believe I am the only person who has ever had this type of experience. Sort of a reverse local effect!

  2. Mary Kay Cimarusti Says:

    I was at a clothing for my daughter and they actually had a phone in the store that would call directly to their online shopping for the instances they were out of your size. That was very cool.

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    […] have been plenty of other such studies since 2004 from BIG Research, Yahoo!, Nielsen and others with varying percentages who research […]

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