Spot Runner Hires MSN Executive

Spot Runner, on the heels of its Weblistic acquisition, announced that it had hired (from MSN) Joanne Bradford as executive vice president of National Marketing Services. According to the note I received from Spot Runner, “Joanne will head up the National Marketing Services unit, which focuses on national advertisers that are not served by the traditional agency community. Spot Runner gives them an effective and affordable solution to market their business on a national and local level.”

Silicon Alley Insider published an internal Microsoft email about the hire/departure. Kara Swisher speculates that Bradford’s departure might partially anticipate a reorg that will likely happen on the Internet side in the event of a Yahoo! takeover.

I’m going to follow up on this line: “national advertisers that are not served by the traditional agency community.” I’m wondering who qualifies in that category.

This is how Spot Runner answered my question about what types of advertisers are in this under-served category:

Regarding national advertisers not served by traditional ad agencies, these include:

— businesses whose budgets may be too small for the big guys

— who need deep local penetration

— who can’t commit to long term contracts

— who need rapid response advertising (i.e., fast versioning for different markets)

— who want to easily and affordably test TV

Here’s the Wall Street Journal’s coverage.

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    […] has left Spot Runner and joined Yahoo!. Before Spot Runner she was at MSN. Bradford was hired in March of this year to lead a national sales effort at Spot […]

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