Searchme Display Mimics iTunes ‘Coverflow’

I wrote about this idea here:

I was thinking this collection of visual and browsing features could represent a next-generation search display if it could be engineered to work as well online as it does in the OS or on the iPhone/iPod Touch. If one could quickly move from large preview to large preview, look at more than just the first page of a site and easily manipulate the size of the images, etc (grid view, list view, etc.) it would really be something and would represent a potentially dramatic advance over what currently exists.

And, in fact, here it is in the form of yet-to-launch engine “Searchme” (see video demo on site). Apple is potentially going to raise some legal questions I would imagine. But it’s really interesting:


This might be really compelling on a large TV monitor (where search is headed) or potentially on mobile, but then you really get into iTunes duplication “look and feel” issues.


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