More Local Traffic Deals

Here are two distribution deals, which are similar:

LiveDeal signed a deal to have Yahoo! ads appear on its pages. This is similar to a deal Marchex has done.

Superpages renewed and expanded its deal with, in which:’s performance-based advertisers will continue to receive preferred placement on the website. Performance-based advertising products generate revenues when consumers connect with advertisers by clicking on their advertiser listing or by calling their businesses. The expanded agreement also includes preferred placement on’s network of more than 400 regional media sites, which is one of the largest local search syndication networks in the U.S.

That syndication network is the old PremierGuide, which purchased last year.

These sorts of deals are natural, as a way to overcome the fragmentation of the online local market. They help with increased monetization of destination sites but also create more performance-based ad opportunities (clicks/calls) for publishers with direct advertiser relationships.

One Response to “More Local Traffic Deals”

  1. pm98345 Says:

    I think there is a benefit to the advertiser too… signing up for the different portals is time consuming and these deals can be a matter of convenience.

    The concern for an advertiser is that the distribution is done to relevant sites. And I certainly think that is relevant for advertisers.

    The thing I really don’t like is when the partners serve up the ads using the IP address for geo-targeting when the user has typed in a location. This makes no sense to me. On Google I can sort of understand… but on a site that is truly a local directory… the geography will be entered, I believe, upwards of 90%.

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