Google Moving toward Media Dashboard Vision

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.As SEL reports (original post here), Google has started testing integration of TV ad distribution into AdWords. (Google has TV partnerships in the US and abroad.) Local and demo targeting are among the options available to advertisers, as well as detailed performance metrics.

This program complements Google’s programs with print newspapers, radio and, of course, online (search and display). Google’s ultimate vision is of itself as a kind of integrated media buying platform and dashboard for agencies and marketers for traditional media as well as online.

According to Peter Krasilovsky’s report on a NAA conference panel discussion in which Google participated, there are now 750 newspapers participating in the Google print program. The perceived benefit of the program for print newspapers is additional revenue and exposure to new advertisers that otherwise might not have considered them. (Some in the industry have fears of “disintermediation,” but Google has taken pains to allay that concern with the newspapers.)

In addition to the above, future also probably points to an outdoor (or digital outdoor) capacity for Google as part of this larger proposition. Print yellow pages would also be on the radar were it not for the too-infrequent printing cycle.


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  1. jim redmond Says:

    That is where the online niche is headed. We as online marketers
    must realize this and embrace it

    We sometimes forget that the internet is only another outlet for our
    marketing dollars, and not the cure all to be all.

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