Explaining Canadian Newspaper Success

The Globe and Mail argues that data and revenues reflect a Canadian newspaper industry that is considerably healthier than its US counterpart. How does one account for this:

  • Less competition from other media or the Internet
  • A less Internet-obsessed population
  • A more literate population
  • Better quality content in Canadian newspapers



2 Responses to “Explaining Canadian Newspaper Success”

  1. joe Says:

    Less competition from other media or the Internet: yes, of course, which applies to most everything in Canada: banking, telecom, yp, cable, etc.

    A less Internet-obsessed population: wrong, in fact Canada possibly exceeds U.S. in engagement and band-width though we certainly don’t have the digital options available; classifieds, shopping, vertical, local, home grown social media etc.

    A more literate population: yes, but only in the major centres

    Better quality content in Canadian newspapers: the Globe could only wish to compete with the content available in the NYP or WaPo

    The reason print news have been able to hold ground and out-perform their U.S. counterparts is the same reason YPG continues to out-perform its U.S. based peers. This is not something to be proud of.

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    But if people in Canada are as engaged or more engaged with the Internet than in the US wouldn’t that suggest they’d turn to the Internet for news as is happening in the US.

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