Yahoo! Maps Upgrades, Microsoft Impresses

I wrote about a range of improvements at Yahoo! Maps over at Search Engine Land. Here are the upgrades according to the Yahoo! Maps & Local Blog:

  • New Neighborhood Data at lower zoom levels with:
  • 300 cities with new neighborhood data added throughout North America, from Palo Alto, to Chicago, to Toronto, etc.
  • 12,000 new neighborhood added, from “Lower East Side” (New York, Milwaukee, Bridgeport) to “Lower Collegetown” (Ithaca)
  • Expanded Worldwide Coverage with much improved coverage, especially throughout Eastern Europe
  • New POI information – highlighting Schools, Rest areas, Ski Resorts, etc.
    Additional shaded relief levels worldwide
  • City label density increased for better usability
  • Style improvements such as Hybrid Road and Label colors adjusted for better legibility
  • Lighter map tiles – with an average of 30-60% reduction in size

In the process of writing my post I was playing with Google and Microsoft’s Live Maps. I haven’t used Live Maps in a little while, but I plugged in “Soma Sushi” into Yahoo! Maps, Google Maps and Live Maps. Impressively, Live Maps is the only one that really got it right.

Live Maps


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