Multiplied Adds Movie Search

Canada’s Multiplied Media has added movie search to its IM-based local search application Poynt. The application is currently available on AIM and Microsoft Messenger. It attempts to reach the 70+ million users on the two IM systems. Superpages is the YP data provider, while other partners provide other types of content.

movie search


Beyond the fact of it being on an IM platform, one of the aspects of this application that makes it unique is the option to collaboratively conduct searches with others in real-time in the IM window. It’s also an application that complements IYP usage and may be able to reach some younger users that might not be inclined to use an IYP.

On the other side, there’s something of an awareness challenge in getting people to add Poynt to AIM or Messenger and start thinking about IM as a local search platform.

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