The Coming Search ‘Duopoly’

The word “duopoly” is defined as “an economic or political condition in which power is concentrated in two persons or groups.” This is what is coming in search it would appear.

On Friday Silicon Alley Insider suggested that IAC was going to sell Ask’s core search technology and just use Google as AOL does. Of course, we all know that Microsoft is trying to buy Yahoo!, in part to gain scale and share in search.

That would mean, if the latter comes to pass, a market where three of the top five engines were essentially Google and the other “two” were Microsoft:

comScore jan search

Essentially Google would control 70% of the market and Micro-Hoo would control 30%.

Many startups such as Powerset (if it ever launches) or Cuill (pronounced “cool”), or existing players such as InfoSpace, would see this no doubt as an opportunity. But the chances are it would create an even more entrenched market — and a duopoly — for some time to come.


Here’s what an Ask spokesperson told SEL’s Barry Schwartz about the rumor:

Hi Barry. I wanted to get back to you about the false rumors flying about regarding Teoma. Bottom line: they are just flat-out not true. Our Teoma technology will continue to power search engine results on That’s really all there is to it. I hope that helps to clarify things.

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