‘Titans’: The (Microsoft-Yahoo!) Opera

OperaYears from now someone, like John Adams (of Nixon in China fame), will write an opera about the Internet, the (attempted?) takeover of Yahoo! by Microsoft and Google’s efforts to thwart it. One could also incorporate themes about the earlier rise of Google, the destruction of traditional media, the decline of American capitalism’s hegemony and so on — depending of course on how it all turns out.

The media and virtually everyone else in the tech sector will be preoccupied by the drama of the Microsoft bid until there’s a resolution (acceptance or alternative). But it won’t end there because there will be the question of the FTC approval, and approval from the EU (depending on whether Microsoft emerges victorious) and the issues of “integration,” etc. that follow.

Sit back and settle in; it’s going to be a long show.


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  1. Diane Braxton Says:

    It should not be a long show, if Yahoo decides to ignore Microsoft’s bid and tell
    Google to go to hell. Yahoo here is the underdog and can be the little engine that could. They can do something revolutionary or old school and fight for their survival instead of laying off 1,000 employees. It should feel good to be wanted by two giants. If Microsoft wins there will be some reorganization and probably more Yahoo employees will lose their jobs and I don’t feel that Microsoft will give them a lateral move.

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