Free411 (Jingle) Sells Out — Ad Inventory

Jingle LogoIn a press release out this morning, Jingle Networks says that its sold out its sponsorship ad inventory:

“Jingle Networks, Inc., the leader in free voice search and operator of the 1-800-FREE411 directory service, today announced it has sold out its 2008 sponsorship inventory due to unprecedented advertiser growth among national and local brands. Clients such as McDonald’s, Earthlink and AMC Theaters have renewed their contracts and new companies including FordDirect have signed on with 1-800-FREE411 to reap the benefits of its unique and clutter-free platform.”

Jingle is the most widely used of the four big free-DA offerings: 1-800-Free-411, Goog411, AT&T’s 1-800-YellowPages, Microsoft’s/Tellme’s 1-800-Call-411.

Jingle’s sponsorship inventory consists of typically CPM ads that play at the “top” of a call. Jingle now reports more than 20 million calls per month. According to our estimate, there are roughly 5.4 billion DA calls made annually in the United States. Approximately 2.3 billion originate from landlines and 3.1 billion are from mobile phones — and the volumes continue to shift toward mobile.

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In the comments below former Jupiter analyst and founder of real estate vertical homethinking Niki Scevak makes the point that there’s potential reason for concern here and that the company needs more (calls) inventory to keep growing.

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    […] When a startup sells out of something you should be worried not elated. Case in point: Jingle announced they have sold out of their sponsorship inventory. […]

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