‘Debunking Local Internet Myths’

Consulting firm SmokeJumper Strategy did a project for MerchantCircle and drew some interesting inferences and conclusions about the local market from the work. Those are posted on the SmokeJumpting blog, entitled: Debunking 5 Myths of Local Internet Success.

I don’t have time at the moment to comment on these findings, but I’d be interested in hearing reactions and what other people think.


2 Responses to “‘Debunking Local Internet Myths’”

  1. AhmedF Says:

    Dare I say they are borderline obvious, especially with all that we have seen in the last 18 months?

    1. Build It and They Will Come – true from the dawn of the commercialization of the internet.

    2. SEM = The Holy Grail of Traffic Generation – one of the two ones that I don’t agree with and don’t understand. First they claim that you can’t build it, and then they claim you shouldn’t be spending money to buy traffic – what? If you can spend on PPC and get a direct ROI from that expenditure – that is absolutely fantastic.

    3. Go Forth and Conquer the World – I thought the entire challenge of local is that winning in one market (eg Los Angeles) doesn’t mean you will win in another (eg Austin). So I would categorize this as ‘news from a year ago’

    4. Advertising Will Pave the Road with Golden Bricks – again, haven’t JB, IP, etc already shown that to us? On the flip side – aren’t yellow page books purely advertising? Were (are?) they a failure? I think #4 speaks more for lack of sales team than anything else.

    5. Bootstrapping: What is Old is Old Again – the other one I don’t agree with. There are a few bootstrapped sites doing well. There are also a few funded sites doing well (others are well on their way of going nowhere).

    What I find rather odd is that Merchant Circle originally did seem to follow #1, it does a fair bit of #2, it is an attempt at #3, and believed in #4 until a while ago.

    Then again, if they are using #5 to fund such a report … well that explains why funded companies are also failing in the local space.

    Brent – I am sure you will read this comment – don’t take this personally, but these 5 myths of local internet were dealt with way back in 2007, if not in 2006.

  2. KevinL. Says:

    Hey Greg,

    Here is MerchantCircle’s response to the blog post – some of which we agree with and some we do not.



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