Video, SMBs and SEO

Mike Boland at the Kelsey Group has an interesting and smart post about local businesses sneaking into the top of organic search results through video (via their sites and YouTube). He also talks about how distribution of vertical or IYP generated video can carry their brands into Google results mitigating some of the traditional de-branding effects of being one of a sea of links on Google.

The ones who can/will execute any strategies here are the local SEMs, verticals, IYPs and others, however, rather than the SMBs themselves. Some clever SMBs will be able (for a time) to take advantage of low awareness of the opportunity but most simply won’t ever clue in and will have to be guided by more savvy enablers.

One issue I’ve previously raised is:

IYPs and others generating local video will need to determine whether they want to syndicate video content out to search (or allow it to be crawled). This issue reproduces the question faced earlier in terms of whether to “give their data” to Google, et al.

Upon reflection I think there’s no stopping syndication. But Mike’s suggestion of branding on the videos produced by IYPs is a smart suggestion. The players and videos could also drive traffic by offering enhanced local search functionality (e.g., a search box embedded in the player) or related videos (as YouTube does now).

In the end, Google will be aggregating third party local video for Maps and showing it on “.com” results too. Video ads will also make their way in AdWords units (both for large and SMBs). But they’ll be embedded in the “plus box” that occasionally appears, either for a stock symbol or a map. When that happens it will be a radical day for SEM.

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