WiFi Triangulation and Geotargeting

One of the things I predicted for this year is advances in location awareness and geotargeting online. Along those lines . . .

I had a chance to catch up with Ted Morgan, CEO of Skyhook Wireless since the announcement of Maps with Location on the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Morgan said that the feature has already proven to be wildly popular with users and he’s seeing an impressive volume of usage already.

Morgan and I have in the past spoken of the potential for advertising and improvements in the general user experience if location detection is made passively available on the desktop. Skyhook is working with Mozilla, Opera, Safari and IE to try and get the requisite code “baked into the browser,” but Morgan believes that will take three years or so.  We also discussed that mobile browser location awareness may drive that back to the desktop.

The rest of this post is at LocalMobileSearch.   


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