EveryBlock Brings ‘News’ to Your Street

EveryblockEveryBlock is a new local “news” site that seeks to answer the question, “What’s happening in my neighborhood?” It aggregates data and content from a variety of sources and currently covers three US cities: Chicago, New York and San Francisco. EveryBlock competes with Outside.in, YourStreet and Topix to some degree.

Here’s the bottom line for me in going through the site:

EveryBlock is impressive but it strikes me that it needs both more and less focus, to get the “calibration” right. While there’s lots of interesting information here, EveryBlock doesn’t yet compellingly answer the question: Why should I use this site?

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Donna Bogatin has more on the EveryBlock-Craigslist connection.


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  5. phaithful Says:

    Interesting that EveryBlock has open up it’s source code under a GNU license.

    Blog post: http://blog.everyblock.com/2009/jun/30/source/

    Code: http://www.everyblock.com/code/

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