10 Google Local Links Now Live

I wrote about it here on SEL — Google showing 10 links instead of three — and finally was able to generate the result myself (e.g., restaurants, San Francisco):

10 Local Links Now Live

It’s uncertain at the moment what impact this will have on user behavior or traffic to local business sites. I’d love to hear an SEO perspective; I’m sure this is a welcome development.

Based on a call a little while ago with Google, I appended my SEL post:

Google said today that the reason it’s showing more links is because usability testing revealed that many people didn’t realize there was additional local content available beyond the three listings, despite the “more results . . .” prompt. Accordingly, Google said that with the 10 links it is hoping to signal people that there is much more local content a click away.

The ranking of those ten results is based on a range of factors, including the query, proximity, availability of ratings/reviews and their quality and several other variables.

Google also said that it wouldn’t always show 10 results; it might still show three sometimes or one if the query is very specific.


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  2. cohn Says:

    Their new results and rankings do appear to vary from query to query.

    Interesting outcome from the usability tests.

    I would think the larger screen space will increase both awareness and click

    Any ideas why some of the new 10 local search results are placed at the top of the page while others appear near the fold?

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    Meaning some maps/links are further down the page? If that’s a correct understanding of your question it’s the Universal Search architecture on the back end and their algorithm making decisions about what content is most relevant to a query.

    They’re not doing pure “onebox” any more re maps/local.

  4. cohn Says:


    I believe I have discovered some other new and unique local results and will write about them tomorrow.


  5. Nagaraju Says:

    Certainly an interesting development. It’s interesting that Google is now competing for the same clicks that could have generated CPC revenue. “best restaurants” or “restaurants san francisco” are top bid keywords and with more results showing up in organic search, it would be an interesting experiment. Also, wondering if this is an intermediary step to driving more local traffic to maps.google.com?

  6. Greg Sterling Says:

    Re traffic to Maps.Google . . . yes, it’s certainly part of that effort. It’s not clear whether this is “intermediary,” however. Users probably will continue to use Google.com much more than navigate directly to Maps.Google for some time to come.

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  8. Malcolm Lewis Says:

    This is a continuation of Google apparent strategy to drive increasingly more of their search results traffic to yet another Google page (where they control monetization with no rev share) vs a third-party content publisher’s page.

    When Google is where most local searches start AND Google controls who gets the lion’s share of the traffic from local search SRPs AND Google has a vested economic interest in getting the lion’s share of said traffic, I think you have a potential conflict of interest.

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