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Superpages has said in the past that it doesn’t care where it’s traffic comes from as long as it is qualified. Accordingly, the company has been very aggressive in doing syndication deals with third parties that it regards as sources of quality traffic. The latest is with Dominion Enterprises’ This site, which supports a number of Dominion print publications, is in the coveted “momster” segment.

Superpages now becomes the yellow pages database for users of the site:

Parenthood tabs

Example search results for “children’s furniture” in “San Francisco, CA”:


Online moms are a critical market segment. Targeting parenting and related mom community sites are smart strategies for syndication because women and moms in particular control more decision-making and spending than men.

We can probably expect to see a general “verticalization” of yellow pages in the future, with a range of similar syndication deals to reach out to specialized audiences and industry segments. This doesn’t substitute for a horizontal “destination strategy,” but complements it and provides a potentially lower cost and more reliable source of leads to SMBs than search arbitrage.

Dominion is owned by Landmark Communications, which owns and the Weather Channel among other “local” assets. The company may be sold in pieces to reap a potential $5+ billion from the Weather Channel.


4 Responses to “Superpages in Deal with”

  1. AhmedF Says:

    I am super confused. If you click on Yellow Pages, you end up here:

    That actually seems to be powered by eDirectory:

    So am I missing soemthing?

  2. Greg Sterling Says:

    That is in fact the way in. The cities and category links on the right are the way in. User experience isn’t optimal.

  3. AhmedF Says:


    1. eDirectory is the software, but is *all* the content

    2. eDirectory is the backbone, with integration of

    #2 right?

  4. Greg Sterling Says:

    eDirectory is pure software. Superpages is likely content only. But not certain 100% re integration.

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