Citysearch ‘Eats It’ on Facebook

Citysearch has launched “Eat It” a new restaurant reviews and sharing application for the Facebook platform. According to the release:

Features include the following:

  • Review and rate: QuickRate gives users the ability to write reviews and rate restaurants visited. Once reviewed, ratings are saved under the MyRatings tab.
  • Create custom lists: MyLists allows users to create custom lists — from favorite lunch spots and places they’ve dined to best tacos and places they’d love to visit.
  • Share and see friends’ recommendations: Share restaurant reviews, lists and recommendations with friends and in return, view friends’ recommendations.

Here are some screenshots, with some strong Citysearch branding:

Superpages has a similar Facebook restaurant application. One of the motivations there was to collect user-generated content that could then be “reverse published” to

The potential for these types of A&E applications is very good because of their nature and the “Facebook demographic.” Most local sites, however, should consider building Facebook apps as a marketing vehicle. But, that said, as more and more companies do this the competition and duplication increases, as well as the “noise” on Facebook, making them somewhat less effective.

Currently there are 361 “Food and Drink” applications on Facebook.

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