A Comment about Comments

I received an email last night from someone who suggested that I wasn’t commenting enough on the comments posted on my blog. That may or may not be true — sometimes I don’t have anything to add. But I want to let everyone know that I read and think about every comment. Sometimes I’m too busy to follow up and often I’ll respond to people privately in email if that makes sense to me.

I very much appreciate all the comments and participation, however.

As you’ve seen, new posts often come from readers based on email or comments I’ve received. And again I’m open to guest columns if people feel strongly about a topic or issue.

4 Responses to “A Comment about Comments”

  1. ian Says:


  2. Chris Silver Smith Says:

    I know it’s a hard balance to hit sometimes — as you have more and more comments, it gets increasingly hard to respond to them all.

    Also, it sometimes seems odd to me to comment on comments for blog posts that are really old — it’s sorta like rehashing the past.

    I’d suggest not attempting to respond to comments posted recently on articles more than a month or two old… otherwise, I think it would get too crazy for you!

  3. Greg Sterling Says:

    I could just blog until the end of time and I’d never get any paying work done 🙂

  4. Local SEO Guide Says:

    no comment

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